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November 2015

Remember to register your interest for each event…Any Uncle Project questions, enquire within – See Uncle FB page for previous & upcoming events PHOTOS @  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES  * I Want My Car Washed Please – this Sat.(14th Nov 9-11am).        Join ‘Team Uncle’ for a cool down, while mingling with the greater community. Its rewarding, […]

July-Dec. Newsletter 2014

NEWS The definition of ‘panorama’ –  an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer/ A picture or photograph containing a wide view. This newsletter contains both definitions. The panorama picture (above), is from our July camp, and following on i will look to describe the unbroken view of the Uncle tribe as it can be viewed currently. The […]

October 2013 Newsletter

NEWS Spring has always been the season for festivities, and the Uncle ‘Reunion/Birthday/Fundraiser/Celebration’ was a fitting event for this time of year. As too, it encompassed an amazing community gathering that had kids enjoying the space, adults enjoying the social freedom and everyone enjoying great food and sunshine. As we look through the colour photos […]

September 2013 Newsletter

*Mechanical/ Science Challenge Activity  – Sat. 29th Sept. (11-1pm). While ‘Go Mtn. Biking Day/ Uncle Bike session’ @ Byron Bay Farmstay/ Mtn. Biking Trails (5th Oct.) is just around the corner. Its time to get together and fix up/ service your bicycle, making sure all brakes and gears are working etc. As for the ‘Science […]

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