*Mechanical/ Science Challenge Activity  Sat. 29th Sept. (11-1pm).

While ‘Go Mtn. Biking Day/ Uncle Bike session’ @ Byron Bay Farmstay/ Mtn. Biking Trails (5th Oct.) is just around the corner. Its time to get together and fix up/ service your bicycle, making sure all brakes and gears are working etc.

As for the ‘Science Challenge’…wellllll. This is a fun activity that will get the mind thinking. How tall can u make a tower built of spaghetti and marshmallows? or newspaper & masking tape? Its novelty challenges like this that we will be undertaking on the day.Two hours of good times and valuable role-modeling!!!
Join in by registering your attendance via emailing – byron@uncle.org.au
*Go Mtn. Biking Day Saturday 5th October (3-5pm).

Ivan’s Track Byron Bay Farmstay Mountain Bike Park, is a proper single trail built for biking. It’s halfway between Byron Bay and Bangalow and the better the bike, the fitter the rider can only be a positive.
Yet, the joy of riding is you can choose your limits and choose your commitment. We intend on making this a fun friendly affair with a picnic at the top of the hill (walkers can attend).This Uncle activity is open to all members, from mothers, boys, men and friends.
If you haven’t experienced real Mtn. biking before, why not check it out NOW.
$5 to ride, bring a plate of food to share & BYO drinks.Email me your interest – byron@uncle.org.au
Peddle Peddle Peddle…

Uncle Reunion Carnivale Sunday 13th Oct. (11-3pm). 

Call NOW for booking (02) 6680 8582, or reply email.

*Byron’s Cardboard Arcade – Saturday 2nd Nov. (1.30-5pm).

Watch this feel good video to see where we got the inspiration from – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U
In short, this activity involves a whole lot of creative play and cardboard construction, enough to tantalise the next generation of engineers. We will make various arcade games, before taking them to a public space and sharing them with the public.
As i said, the video is a good watch and offers more insight into this activity!

*Boulderstone Hy-way Tour #2 – November (TBA)

For all those that attended the last tour of the new road, you’d know just how interesting and well looked after we are during these activities. There was talk of blasting, and for this to happen this activity will be an early start on a weekday. More info on it way soon. 

*Uncle Camp Mt. Joyce Recreation Park (Dec. 7th-8th).

Need I say anything, to those that have been involved with Uncle camps before. You know how fantastic, fun, adventurous, friendly, valuable, natural, positive, amazing, tribal, refreshing, masculine, mighty and unique they can be. This time round, we aim for much of the same. The tip i offer for this camp is, the more bike riding you do before hand the better you will manage on the man-made trails on offer. Yes, biking and water sports will occupy in the day. This is when, we are not hunting and gathering and embracing ‘secret men’s/ boy business’ ceremony…

*General Meeting – Tuesday 1st Oct. (6-7pm Byron Serves Club).

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE…Help steer Uncle in the direction that best serves the boys of our community. 
Everyone is welcome; Mother’s, Uncles and friends of Uncle to join. 


Be a voice within this special non-for-profit volunteer based organisation, encouraging you to join the committee or just sit in as a general member. As you know, Uncle is about providing a service that strengthens and shapes boys lives and in turn its community. Our currency is love and our values lie within community!!!

Uncle Mentoring Story – August 2013


Read ‘Uncle Chad’s’ story about visiting his mentoring lad with his own family.

As the Coordinator of Uncle, father of Maiso & Tiger-lily and mentor to Taane. It was the latter that we went over to visit in NZ recently. Tanne lives here in Byron for 6mths & with his dad in Wanaka NZ for 6mths. So it was great to visit him and see him rippin’ around on the ski fields. Taane is doing really well on the mountain, as seen here in this photo and off the mountain as a 9yr old growing strong and confident as the days go by.I was lucky enough to visit his school, as guest author/ motivational speaker and see that this small country style environment is nurturing and empowering. We look forward to Taane returning to Byron soon, yet wish him all the happiness while in NZ with his dad Sean.Remember, The Uncle Project is always looking for good men to step forward as mentors. So if this sounds like you, please let me; Chad, know. Otherwise, we look forward to having you involved with upcoming activities. PEACE.LOVE.SNOWBALLS

 Bye Bye for now…smiles!
 NOTE: for more photos and event info, checkout The Uncle Facebook page –
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