Spring has always been the season for festivities, and the Uncle ‘Reunion/Birthday/Fundraiser/Celebration’ was a fitting event for this time of year. As too, it encompassed an amazing community gathering that had kids enjoying the space, adults enjoying the social freedom and everyone enjoying great food and sunshine. 
As we look through the colour photos and reflect on the past event, we would like to thank all those that attended and acknowledge the efforts many of our guests put in to assist on the day. 
Not only was it a relaxed lush setting to spend the afternoon. There was also a strong connection to what was being spoken about on the mic, highlighting the good work Uncle has done and continues to do. Between the talented musicians sharing their musical gift, there were also previous and current uncle members reflecting on the 15yr history. With Uncle’s positive effect on the community at the forefront of this discussion.  

Other news includes the development of new website, which will be ready to showcase soon. 
We are right behind Tommy Franklin ‘Byron Dancing Man’, as he moves into the final of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. If you attended our 15Yr. Celebration recently, you would have absorbed and experienced the joy that Tommy transcends. He offered his time and energy for us, and we would like to return the favour – Be watching Channel Nine Sunday at 6:30pm to find out who will be the next Grand Finalists!
Uncle would like to welcome new members to the tribe;  please enquire within –

 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES *Uncle Bart Barclay is calling out to interested kids for Lego Comp.  

Is your boy a Jnr. Lego Engineer? If so, perhaps they would like to get in on this competition. Long standing member and good man Bart Barcley has put up his hand to assist. 
Call him if interested – pH: 0431884131  

*Help Fix a Trailer – date subject to the interested parties 

Uncle Quentin has offered to grind back the rust on our trailer and give it some tlc. He has all the tools and machines, he just needs some man/ boy power. If your interested in this activity, please contact us via email with the days that would best serve you.Cape Byron Sea Kayak Day – 3rd November (8.30-11.30am)

As supporters of The Uncle Project, Cape Byron Kayaks have kindly offered to take us out. This will be an awesome activity, mixing men, boys, marine creatures and a fun physical splash around. Get in quick (book now) as there isn’t much time remaining.   
NOTE: Meet@Lawson Street, look for the kayaks & sign. $10/pp. cost (normally $69/adults, $59/kids). 
*Melbourne Cup Event Support Uncle –
Adults only 5th Nov. 

The Junction Restaurant in Byron will have the big race catered and covered. They will be donating the proceeds of the day to the Uncle Project, so if you are looking for a colourful day out, we encourage you to join the finely dressed folk at this fine establishment.  Besides a vibrant atmosphere, there will be sweep stakes, raffles, two course meal and big screens etc. Visit the Junction Bar for tickets or further details.  

*Byron’s Cardboard Arcade – Date Change, now 9th Novemeber (same times).  

Watch this feel good video to see where we got the inspiration from – In short, this activity involves a whole lot of creative play and cardboard construction, enough to tantalise the next generation of engineers. We will make various arcade games, before taking them to a public space and sharing them with the public. 
As I said, the video is a good watch and offers more insight into this activity! 
Details: $10/pp. covers snack food & all the creative materials. All donations collected from Street Arcade (gaming fee), goes to The Uncle Project. NOTE: The actual date this event is different to the poster, as its now the 9th Nov. 

*Charity of The Day – Sunday 17th Nov. Byron Markets

Join the team to ‘shake a bucket’ at the notorious Byron markets and soak up the sunshine & market vibe for free. More people volunteering the better, allowing shorter shifts on high rotation. Its a community thing! 

Underground Castle Movie Night – penciled in date 22nd Nov. (5-9pm).

Good man/ owner/designer of Byron’s unique underground castle; Dieter, has offered to have us visit his beautiful property, where he will open the doors to the castle and we can share in a feast of slayed dragon and films about Hobbits. Friday Night Movie night with a twist. Worth the experience.   

*George Lewin Woodwork Day – TBA

A true master mind of design, George Lewin invites Team Uncle to his place for a woodwork session. He was the designer of the Triton workbench, which had similar success and popularity as the Hills-hoist cloths line. And this amazing local man has kindly offered his time and space to host a hands on activity with us. Luck us hey. I just have to lock in dates. Stay tuned. 

*Boulderstone Hy-way Tour #2 – TBA 

For all those that attended the last tour of the new road, you’d know just how interesting and well looked after we are during these activities. There was talk of blasting, and for this to happen this activity will be an early start on a weekday. More info on it way soon. 

*Uncle Camp – Mt. Joyce or Sandon River? (Dec. 7th-8th). 
Need I say anything, to those that have been involved with Uncle camps before. You know how fantastic, fun, adventurous, friendly, valuable, natural, positive, amazing, tribal, refreshing, masculine, mighty and unique they can be. The question is, do we go inland for Dam & bike trails or south coast to Sandon River for fishing & surfing? YOUR CHOICE, majority rules…
Joyce –

Sandon –


*Uncle of the Year Awarded

Announced at our 15Yr. Birthday Celebration, it was a pleasure to honour the selfless commitment, the giving of time + energy and to continually showing up in a young boys life that wouldn’t normally have this opportunity. Most deservingly in 2013 was Luke Behan, who mentors Max. Luke attends the majority of activities and has convinced his boss several times to have the Uncle crew out at his place of work. 
Big thanks to you Luke! Ahow…

*Mens Health – the information below has been forward onto us by respectable sources. And its with kind hearts and a desire for positive change that we continue to pass it on…  

Hello Men,

I wanted to reiterate the comments of Terry and Chris below regarding Dr Warren Farrell’s visit and the importance of his message.

After watching many of Warren’s video lectures and reading his studies over the weekend, I found one aspect of his message on the deepening world-wide boys crisis compelling, deeply disturbing and motivating at the same time.  It is a wake-up call for our culture and a call to action for both men and women.

Warren is not the only well-qualified expert warning that we are sliding deeper into a global crisis in boys learning that is likely to have a profound impact  affecting the economy, men and women alike.  And as Terry says, for me it gets right to the heart of why our men’s work exists and why we have a Men’s Wellbeing mission statement of creating healthy families and communities.

The White House Council For Boys To Men Warren is charged with setting up has anywhere up to 40 expert sociologists on its board all warning of what we are about to face if community action is not taken soon on the plight of our young men.

Indications are the continuing failure rate of boys through school systems that do not support their learning styles is leading to a "demographic winter" of several generations of disaffected young men who are unemployable, unweddable, rebellious and increasingly turning to crime and self-harm.  The eventual result is likely widespread economic collapse through an absence of males in the essential services workforce.

The board identifies five crucial areas of the boys crisis that is affecting most every industrialised nation:-

1) Education – the way curriculum has been adapted to suit the way girls learn is disengaging boys and large numbers are dropping out without finishing Year 12. Less young men are going on to university and achieving degrees.

2) Emotional health –  poor self esteem and lack of self identity is an increasing factor in boys’ self-harming and suicide risk. The world is telling boys that "men don’t matter" so increasingly there is a feeling of hopelessness for the future and lack of motivation – e.g: Why bother?

3) Father involvement – the "father absence" syndrome and increasing exclusion of men from families is leaving many boys without adequate male role models and a vision of healthy manhood to grow into.

4) Physical health – the continuing neglect of health services and programs for men is leading to a high economic cost of poor men’s health, particularly in high-risk and hazardous industries that men traditionally work in.

5) Work – many traditional male areas of work are in decline and many traditional skills programs that boys have gravitated to are being closed off. As the future of industry changes, education systems are not matching boys skills to the future needs of employers. Hence the risk of disaffected "unemployable generations".

Warren is a highly-researched but objective and down-to-earth bloke with a deep concern for men, women, families and the direction our culture is going in. Most importantly he also has some powerful solutions for how to turn the boys crisis around and see it as a golden opportunity to re-define boyhood and manhood.

There is a great interview with Warren in the influential Forbes magazine on why America is attempting to urgently set up a White House Council On Boys To Men.  The link is here, it is great reading.

Anonymous sender, for privacy reasons. 

*International Mens Day – Lennox Conference 17th November (9-3pm). 

See details via this website –

Special thanks goes to the supporters of the Uncle Project 15yr Reunion/ birthday Celebration: We are very grateful for your businesses support and it help make for an amazing day. Those businesses that we’d like to reciprocate or support in return are; 
1. Cape Byron Kayaks.
2. Blackdog Surf School.
3. Byron Bay Coffee Company.
4. Sea World Resort.
5. Common Ground.
6. Yamba Pacific Hotel.
7. My Own Gym.  
8. Byron Bay Boot Camp.
9. Imagine Beauty Parlour Byron Bay.
10. Anchored Byron Bay.
11. Tareeda Properties (John Callanan). 
12. Alpacka packaging.
13. Trevor Mead Butchers.
14. Bay Seafood.
15. Byron Bay Party & Wedding Hire.
16. BYS / YAC.
1. Community 

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