The definition of ‘panorama’ –  an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer/ A picture or photograph containing a wide view. This newsletter contains both definitions. The panorama picture (above), is from our July camp, and following on i will look to describe the unbroken view of the Uncle tribe as it can be viewed currently.

The observer in this case is our local community, from little Byron to larger scale Far North Coast Region (Yet, we are leading a positive example globally and messages that come in give evidence to this). How we, The Uncle Project are viewed by our community is important to us. As it’s the local community that funds our survival, that feeds us good men, that produces the cherished young men/ boys we connect with and it’s ‘our community’ that we support and give back to.

We cherish the hand that feeds us and we believe strongly in a healthy community, that’s why we exist, to play a role toward this outcome. We make good use of all we deserve and there are two ways to observe this. From the outside looking in at our Community Dinner on Aussie Day & the recent Community Yard Sale/ Car Wash for which we hope served you well. Or, by turning up and getting involved in activities and mentoring young boys. The latter is far more rewarding in my experience, and in six years of co-ordinating I’m yet to witness a disappointed customer.

So whether your here to window shop, or get involved/ continue involvement as a contributing member. Enjoy looking through the newest newsletter and take a panoramic/ wide view at whats coming up and how you could assist Uncle, and therefore our shared community…

Remember to register your interest for each event…

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* Coastal Whale Walk & Dinner – 21st July (Tue. 4-7pm).

Getting together as male tribe and relishing in what mother nature delivers, this whale season. Then having dinner post walk. No expectations, but if we spot a whale or ten, that will be a bonus! We can guarantee a cheap feed, as the restaurant has a ‘Cheap Tuesday’ night. 
Drop-off & Pick-up@Yellow Flower (YF), 4.30-7pm.
NOTE: Dinner ($10 needed for large curry, extra for drink or desert. Water is available for free).

* Uncle’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt – 2nd Aug (Sun. 10am-1pm).  

​GROOVES, CLUES & RUNNING SHOES – Open to all – Create your own team ($5 team entry) or turn up & join an Uncle Team. Winner takes all!!!

Working in teams, each team will need to find all the clues/ land marks before the others. Whoever returns to HQ with the correct evidence, wins a prize. Evidence may include items that have been scavenged, photos of the clue, recorded sound of whats requested etc. So much fun coming up!!!
Details: A bicycle for each member of the team is highly recommended to cover distances faster/ more efficiently. Skateboard/ scooter/ blades/ roller-skates etc. could be a good replacement.
Meeting @ Suffolk Park Shopping Centre, behind Bakery & SPARE.  

* Uncle General Meeting – 4th Aug. (6.30pm @ Byron Services Club).

Open to all members of community that wish to get involved…’It takes a village to raise a child’ – Steve Biddulph. 

* Beach Games & Dinner – 13th Aug. (Thursday 3.45-6pm)

* Mens Group (post dinner, men only) – 13th Aug. (6.30-8pm).

Fish&Chips, including salad will be shared and indulged by the tribe. And whatever comes before and after that i.e. opening circle, closing circle, fun activity, feast…

Special Guest to facilitate MENS WORK – TBA.

​Simple yet effective quality time. Cost: $10. RSVP your attendance.

* Minyon Falls – 30th Aug. (Sunday 11-4pm).

Details: Meet in Bangalow @ the park off Deacon Street – 12.05pm. Bring your own lunch to eat with tribe during opening circle. Will try to organise a bus for us to all go together. Small cost involved i.e $5- $10. 

* Uncle Dodgeball & Dinner – 4th Sept. (5-8pm @ Byron Bay Public School)

Back by popular demand, we are ‘Game-on’ yet again. This is becoming a regular event for us, as its always fully of joy, sweat, some tears and much laughter. You don’t want to be hit, but you do want to hit another…DIP_DUCK_DIVE_&_DODGE!!!
Details: $10 cost.

* Uncle Car Wash @ BYS Flea Market – 12th Sept. (8-11.30am).

Yes another Car Wash FUNraiser, only this time its directly related to raising enough money for potential Flying Trapeze activity. Circus Arts has given us a discounted rate, yet we need to raise $500 for Team Uncle to experience flying through the air during an activity in 5th Nov. It was awesome fun & financially successful last time, and we hope for the same success here. We are just washing cars this time, from the new location @ Youth Activity Centre (Byron YAC, Gilmore Cres.). RSVP attendance. 

* Bubble Soccer w/ BYS – 9th Oct. & 23rd Oct.

Uncle is looking to create a team/s for these two events run by Byron Youth Service. Open to all ages. We will allocate time to play specific ‘Under 13’s’ game. Yet, depending on which men & boys turn up, we could field a team that takes on others.

Two dates & Two Locations: 9th Oct. @ Byron YAC & 23rd Oct. @ Mullum.

* Rainbow Temple & Waterhole – 18th Oct (all day). 

 * Circus Arts & Fly Trapeze – 5th Nov. (6.15-8pm).

If we make enough money during out Car Wash FUNraiser, we get to do this activity. Lets do it lads!!! 

* Uncle Car Wash @ BYS Flea Market – 14th Nov. (8-11.30am).

Every two months, we will be joining the BYS and conducting this fun, wet soupy FUNraiser. Its going to be warm by this date, so extra fun ahead…

* Archery – 21st Nov.@Byron Sports Centre (8-10am). 

Collaborating with Byron Archery Club, we will be finding out who’s the sharp shooter amongst the tribe. Man VS boy, loud mouth VS quietly spoken male. And at the end of the day, we respect and support each other.
Details: Cost $20, for Ages 10+, 10 people max. (first in first served, includes men).

* Uncle Sk8 & Surf Day – 19th Dec. (8-2pm).
Connecting with Byron local Skate Coach – Flavio Biehl (Byron Bay Skateboard School) & Blackdog Surf School, we are in for a full day of action! 

Details: cost $35, meeting TBA. 


* Uncle Carwash & Garage Sale – 11th July (Sat. 8am-12pm).

* Uncle ‘hike-in’ Camp – 4-5th July (Sat. till Sun.).

* Team Dodgeball – 19th June (Fri. 5-7pm).

​* Wet’N’Wild – 17th May (Sun. 8am-5pm). 

*Mullum2Brunz Paddle – 24th May. 


Volunteers/ Members pls. take Note: updating WWCC.

Regardless of whether you have previously filled out a Working With Children form, everyone must now register online. This registration will become compulsory by the end of March. It is free for volunteers and lasts until 2019.
Instructions of how to do this are given (online form) –


Special Thanks: 

Each newsletter we give ‘special thanks’ to a chosen donor/ friend/ supporter of the Uncle Project. This newsletter we feature Slice Pizza in Byron Bay, for their continual support in feeding the masses during Dodgeball/ Dinner activities… 

For you we are extremely grateful, thank-you! 

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