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For over 20 years, Uncle has been operating thanks to the ongoing, generous support of many local businesses, funding organisations, and individual contributors.

In order to continue to provide exciting, educational, and engaging experiences for local boys, Uncle needs your help!

Your tax deductible monthly contributions to The Uncle Project allows the team to plan and create events and experiences over the year and cover the operating costs to keep Uncle going.

For your convenience, we have set up automated payment deductions for a period of 1 year (12 payments) with Paypal. Payments can be made with your credit card even if you do not have an account with Paypal. If you need to cancel at any time, you are of course free to.

The team at Uncle, the boys, and their families, appreciate every offering received and know that the Project would not be possible without your support.

*** The Uncle Project Inc. is a registered charity with tax deductible status (Charity Fundraising Number: 17275). ***

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Bank Deposit

Southern Cross Credit Union
BSB: 722-744
Account: 140760

BRONZE: $10 p/m

What's in it for you?

That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you're contributing to positive change in the community as a whole

SILVER: $25 p/m

What's in it for you?

Silver supporters will be added to Uncle's list of supporters at the end of each year which will be viewable on Uncle's website

GOLD: $50 p/m

What's in it for you?

Gold Supporters can choose to have the logo of their business displayed on Uncle's website, and newsletters

We’d love to hear from you: – PH: 0407 650 371

Donations to The Uncle Project are tax deductible.

The Uncle Project is funded solely by companies and members of the public and so donations are always needed to guarantee this effective organisation continues its good work, ensuring that our boys become good men of the future.

It’s quick and easy to donate! You can…

    • Donate via paypal

    • Make a direct deposit into The Uncle Project
      Southern Cross Credit Union BSB: 722-744, Account: 140760
    • Send a cheque/money order to The Uncle Project
      PO Box 1049, Byron Bay NSW 2481
      (Please reference donors name for receipt)
    • Contact The Uncle Project for more details if required

    Donations large or small are always appreciated.
    Please support The Uncle Project and donate today.

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